Affording Private School Tuition at PVCP

We Can Help You Afford a Christian School Education!

Affording a private, Christian school education might seem out of reach, but there's good news! Through Arizona's unique tax credit laws, a high-quality, private Christian education is within reach!

Simply solicit donations to a designated School Tuition Organization (STO) from anyone with an Arizona tax liability, encouraging them to designate your child as the beneficiary. STO's will then make disbursements to PVCP throughout the year, and donations for which your child was designated will be applied to your tuition. Not only that, but those who donate to a STO get a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. That means if they owe $500 in taxes to Arizona and make a $500 contribution to a private school tuition organization, their tax liability is now $0. In other words, they are able to determine where their tax dollars go!

You may also be eligible for one of several other scholarship options, based on income or certain other circumstances. See the listing below for more information.

PVCP's director of admissions would love the chance to meet with you to discuss this program further. Please contact Rebekah 602-992-8140, ext 2231 if you would like to learn more. In the meantime, if you're ready to start soliciting tax credits for your child's education, please visit the websites below of PVCP's trusted STO partners.

Stay Informed on Issues Affecting School Choice in Arizona

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PVCP firmly believes that all parents should have the ability to choose the education that best suits their students' needs, whether that be private, charter, homeschooling, public, or a hybrid of these. We have also worked hard to ensure that Christian education is an option for all students irrespective of economics or demographics. However, school choice remains a highly debated topic at the legislature, and it's crucial for families to stay informed on issues affecting school choice and Arizona's STO scholarship system. We invite you to sign up for regular updates from the Arizona Christian Education Network. Through the network, you'll be informed on important legislation affecting school choice and what you need to know as a Christian school parent.

Which Private School Scholarships Is My Student Eligible to Receive?

Original/Individual Scholarships

Every non-international student who attends PVCP in kindergarten through 12th grade is eligible to apply for the original tax credit. All families are encouraged to apply with as many School Tuition Organizations as possible.

Overflow Scholarships

Many but not all PVCP students are eligible to receive an Overflow Scholarship. Eligible students must fall into one or more of these categories:

  • A student who switched to PVCP from a public school after having attended the public school for at least 90 days


  • A student attending kindergarten at PVCP
  • A student who is the legal dependent of a member of the United States Armed Forces who is stationed in Arizona


  • A student who has previously received a Corporate or an Overflow tax credit

Income-Based Corporate Scholarships

For a student to be eligible for income-based corporate scholarships, he or she must meet both of the following criteria:

  • The student must meet the eligibility requirements of the Overflow Scholarship
  • The family's income must be at 185% of or less of the income level set by the USDA’s Federal Reduced Lunch Guidelines. For a household of two, that is $59,004 gross annual income, and for a household of four that is $89,670 gross annual income.

Empowerment Scholarship Account Program

In addition to scholarship eligibility under Arizona's private school tax credit program, some students may be eligible for an Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA). While there are many eligibility types, some categories include attending a failing school, having a disability, or having a parent who is active duty military. To learn more, visit the Arizona Department of Education's website.