MS Girls Basketball

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Abby Breland

MS Girls Basketball Coach

Coach Abby is entering her second season as the middle school girls basketball coach for PVCP. In high school she played basketball and ran track at Deer Valley High School. She currently plays basketball for Arizona Christian University going into her junior year. Basketball has been the main focus of her life for over 8 years now and she plans to make a career of coaching. Coaching has always been a passion of Coach Abby’s and has only grown since she started. Her philosophy is built on hard work and focuses on developing young athletes physically, mentally and spiritually. It is very important to her that all of her athletes develop into healthy, disciplined, respectful, hard working people. Coach Abby understands the importance of leadership and as a role model for young athletes she strives to maintain a standard of mutual respect and getting 1% better everyday. Being an athlete herself, she understands the impact that a coach can have on players and seeks to build positive relationships with each athlete and push them to their greatest potential.

Alyssa Alvarez

MS Girls Basketball Coach

Coach Alyssa Alvarez is entering her 2nd season here at PVCP as the middle school girls basketball coach. Her main purpose is to teach athletes while demonstrating and encouraging them to develop their skills and abilities towards the sport they love while motivating them to do the best and have fun. Also, teaching the word of God and the spiritual meaning of what our purpose is as a team. Alyssa currently attends Arizona Christian University and plays on the Women’s Basketball team with her former co-coach, Abby Breland. Coach Alyssa is studying business with a minor in sports management. As a young coach, her love for the game still inspires her to play and her main goal is to share those experiences with her team and as well as other coaching staff.


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