Preparing students to carry and apply their faith in the real world is more than just an aspirational goal at Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory. As students move through their education at PVCP, they are equipped to apply their cumulative knowledge and training their final year in the upper school through the senior thesis class.

Applying a Christian Worldview

While the topic of the thesis is determined by individual students, most likely in area of passion within the humanities or career interest, students must uncover new knowledge during the process. The senior thesis acts as a proving ground for students to tackle a real-world issue through the framework of a Christian worldview. Final products must incorporate PVCP’s Three Spiritual Pillars: understanding, articulating, applying, and defending a Christian worldview; learning to work and serve, being a blessing to others, as unto the Lord; and understanding one’s purpose in the world and God’s Kingdom.

Defending One’s Position

In a world of unbelief and antagonism towards biblical faith, it is paramount that students are equipped not only to articulate their belief system, but also to think critically while defending that very system. The Apostle Peter affirms the importance of a logical defense when he admonished believers in I Peter 3:15 saying, “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” To that end, students give a defense and field questions on their final work before a panel that includes PVCP administration, their faculty advisor, and an expert from within the field of their topic. Through this process, a recent graduate shared that he developed a passion to actively defend Christian ethics within the field of medicine, something he learned to do verbally and through the written word.

Prepared for Life

The rigor of the senior capstone project is largely unparalleled in not only the world of secondary education, but in higher education as well. Alumni share that after successfully completing the intensive capstone thesis project, they find college research projects to be very manageable. Another graduate shared that the project developed in her two key attributes necessary for success in college and beyond: the ability to learn independently and self-motivation to ensure she remains on-track towards her goals.

Investing in the Future

When you support Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory’s Steadfast campaign, you are investing in the next generation of Christian scholars who think critically while taking the message of Christ to the world with grace and dignity. Steadfast is PVCP’s campaign to secure sustained giving partners over the next three years to support the equipping of these leaders. The goal is 100 annual donors at $100 per month, but any amount you can give will take us closer to that goal. Will you consider making your Steadfast pledge today?


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