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David started at Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory when he was in preschool. Now entering his junior year, he has the unique vantage to assess how PVCP’s approach is cumulative, holistically preparing students to be the next generation of Christian leaders in the world. David recently reflected on the invaluable growth he has experienced over the last twelve years.

Equipped to Reason

While the goal of any education is to impart knowledge, David shares that what he has experienced at PVCP is much more. He reflects that the preparatory nature of PVCP and its commitment to a rigorous study of the humanities have trained him to think critically. “The education I have received and the teachers who have mentored me have taught me to reason and think for myself, using a biblical framework to interpret the world around me,” shared David. As he has been challenged to interpret assigned readings and find the deeper meaning using a Christian worldview, David has been conditioned to approach all messages the world throws at him with one simple question: how does this align with what the Bible teaches?

Supported in Relationship

Throughout his time at PVCP, David’s relationships have grown from a place of superficial friendships on the playground to something deeper. “New friends and old have supported me, encouraging my walk with Christ,” observed David. “Being able to count on them day or night to help me through whatever is going on is the best feeling I’ve ever had.” In a world where relationships are increasingly transactional, David rests knowing that “every morning they will be there for me.”

Prepared to Lead

The relational nature of PVCP extends beyond his fellow students. The sacrificial disposition of the teachers and their willingness to put in extra hours to build up students is what David credits with preparing his “generation to be able to lead when the time comes.” David added that “the teachers have mentored me in ways that every student should be.” He credited one teacher in particular for taking an interest in not only students’ academic achievement, but their life outside of class as well, helping them through any issue they’re confronting.

Why it Matters

The holistic approach of PVCP – focused on addressing students’ deepest educational, relational and spiritual longings – is unique in the world of learning. PVCP recognizes that with each student that God has sovereignly placed in its care comes a unique opportunity to equip them as they prepare to enter a world of increased skepticism and competing worldviews. As students enter college and the workforce, the impact of PVCP extends far beyond the walls of the school.

Such an education does not come without a cost, and we’re asking you to prayerfully consider partnering with us to ensure more students like David have the same opportunities that have been so crucial to his formation. Through Steadfast, a campaign for sustained, reliable support over the next three years, PVCP is seeking 100 giving partners at $100 or more per month. Any amount that you can commit will bring us closer to this goal. Will you prayerfully consider joining Steadfast today?


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