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One of the distinctives of an education at Paradise Valley Christian Prepartory is that students have unparalleled opportunities to explore their God-given interests in ways that many schools simply can’t facilitate. Take for instance PVCP’s January Term, a week-long, interactive session for eighth through twelfth grade students to study content generally not covered in the course of normal classes.

Exposing Students to New Disciplines

Since its inception three years ago, January Term has given students the opportunity to study the architecture of castles and cathedrals, contemplate the continued relevance Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, and, most recently, explore the world of archaeology. The brainchild of PVCP Dean of Academics Gil Nadolny, this interdisciplinary project gave students a platform to incorporate research, technology, history, science, math, accounting, and writing. “Students experienced the usefulness of their classroom learning and research skills as they left their classrooms for a week to learn about archaeology,” Mr. Nadolny explained.

Because of the relevance of archaeology to so many other fields of study, not the least of which is Bible, January Term fostered in students a greater appreciation for the role of archaeology in their everyday classes.

Experiential Learning

Student-led teams began the week consuming an introduction to archaeology packet, replete with important terminology and excavation techniques. They then formulated plans for the dig, including budgeting to make sure they had sufficient funds for their dig permits and tool rentals. Students were then transported to a prepared dig site on PVCP’s campus. Once the dig began, students maintained accurate field notes detailing where the artifacts were located and other relevant information, all in preparation for Friday’s “Museum of Artificial History.”

Following January Term, classes reinforced student learning through studies on the relevance of archaeology to that particular discipline, such as exploring significant Arizona archaeological finds in American History class.

Shepherding Students in their Callings

Recognizing that God creates all humanity with varying skills, passions, and insights, January Term is a significant tool PVCP uses to shepherd students in the process of discerning God’s unique calling in their lives. January Term has cultivated in students interests in fields they previously knew little about, leading to expanded visions of what God might be calling them to in college and beyond.

Programs like January Term do not come without a cost, and the generous support of PVCP’s Steadfast donors allows us to remain innovative in offering such opportunities to students. To learn how you can join Steadfast and support programs like January Term, simply follow the link below.


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