Private Christian Elementary School: Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Lower School

From the moment a child sets foot on campus, PVCP helps develop in them a love of learning. Early on, PVCP plants the seeds of academic excellence in language studies, math, and science, while grounding all learning in biblical truth. Students are introduced to art, music, technology, and culture as they build towards increasingly challenging pursuits. Central to a PVCP education is the Bible, and students in preschool through fifth are introduced to the events of the Old and New Testaments and challenged to apply the messages of faith, morality, and salvation in their own lives. PVCP works with parents to develop their children academically, spiritually, and emotionally.

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Valuing the Arts and Music

At a time when many schools face tough decisions about art and music education in the classroom, PVCP believes that a thorough study of art and music is central to understanding the development of Western Civilization and Christian history. Students in preschool participate in directed music activities, and art studies are incorporated into the classroom. Art and music studies continue throughout lower school into the fifth grade, at which point students have the option to pursue performing arts or participate in band.

Exploring Language and Culture

Foreign language study begins in preschool with studies in Spanish. All foreign language classes focus not just on speech and the written word, but also the unique cultures the languages produce. Early Spanish classes focus on building vocabulary, object identification, and basic greetings. Studies advance to identification of parts of speech, sentence construction, and mastery of basic communication. Students in fifth grade take one semester of Spanish and one semester of Latin. Latin studies foster a greater mastery of the English language, increase student abilities in the sciences, and assist in understanding the foundations of Western Civilization. Following fifth grade, students choose to continue studies in Spanish or Latin, with personalized instruction in additional languages available to upper school students.

Preparing for Middle School

PVCP guides its students through a structured sequence of learning where each year builds upon the last. Borrowing from the most proven methods of education, each grade brings new understanding as students become older and more capable. By the time they reach upper school at PVCP, students are prepared for deep academic inquiry and comprehensive spiritual enrichment. These challenges can be readily met thanks to the preparation achieved in the earlier grades.

Elementary School Curriculum

Language Arts

  • Spalding
  • Shurley English
  • Excellence in Writing
  • Classics
  • Foreign Language - Spanish

Math & Science

  • Saxon
  • Abeka

Bible and History

  • Abeka
  • ACSI
  • Biblical Choices
  • ESV Bible

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