The Centrality of Faith

As a teenager, she was one of the few students amongst her peers who didn’t share the dream of one day visiting America. But soon, sixteen-year-old Luisa of Italy would find herself in a school unlike anything she’d ever experienced. While she was accustomed to religion courses being offered as electives in her previous school, she shares that she was “shocked” at the importance of faith and the integration of the Bible into everything that PVCP does.

The Complex Questions

Growing up nominally religious, Luisa knew the historical figure of Jesus, but she admits she didn’t really know much about her faith, let alone why Christianity was different from other religions. Over time, however, she started questioning her previously held assumptions and began exploring what it truly means to live a life committed to Christ. Luisa credits the caring staff and faculty at PVCP for providing her not only a nurturing environment to explore complex issues, but for expecting more out of students than mere retention of knowledge. Instead, through a rigorous exploration of the humanities, students are given the tools to confront complex questions, such as “why am I here?”

The Life of Purpose

It wasn’t long before Luisa started considering the practical implications of her new-found faith. In light of her new commitment to Christ, she began living intentionally, embracing the notion that God had instilled her with purpose, and loving her friends and family as Christ would. “PVCP didn’t only give me an excellent education,” recalls Luisa, “but it encouraged me to give and share with the community what I have to offer.” Upon returning to Italy, Luisa did just that. At university in Rome, she started a campus-wide Bible study where students could examine the same foundational issues she had done as a student at PVCP.

The Call to Partner

Stories like Luisa’s are not uncommon at PVCP. Through PVCP’s international program students have come to faith in Christ, renewed their commitment to Christ, and even followed Him in baptism.

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