A Generation without Answers

Research recently conducted by the Barna Group on “Generation Z” – those born between 1999 and 2015 – reveals startling data on the worldviews of today’s teenagers. The study differentiated between Christians and non-Christians yet found the groups had similar barriers to faith. Twenty-nine percent of non-Christian respondents said the problem of evil in the world is the main factor that prevents them from embracing Christianity, while another 20% indicated that a perceived conflict between science and the Bible keeps them outside the faith.

Those from Christian backgrounds who regularly attend church had the same qualms — and this before they ever set foot on a secular university campus! Fully 53% of church-attending teens see a conflict between what their churches teach and science. Many teens simply aren’t finding answers to the big questions in life inside the Church, as indicated by 64% of non-Christians saying they don’t attend a church because it’s not relevant to them.

Our Responsibility

While there are plenty of hypotheses to go around regarding the root of the disconnect between the Church and youth – the breakdown of the family; competing worldviews within society; changing attitudes toward gender roles, personal responsibility, and behavior; and even some churches functioning more as social clubs than purveyors of God’s eternal Truths, to name a few – most can agree that something’s simply not working.

As a Christian school where parents pay tuition in order to have their children trained and equipped, PVCP recognizes its awesome responsibility as being much more than the mere impartation of knowledge, however one might define that.

Critical Thinking Grounded in Biblical Truth

PVCP has purposefully developed a rigorous curriculum that trains students to address difficult issues head on through critical thinking, the use of reason, and deep academic and biblical inquiry. Students survey the Bible from beginning to end, approaching it as the cohesive narrative of God’s redemption of mankind. Studying systematic apologetics and theology, they learn to give a defense for their faith in the face of skepticism and unbelief.

Far from being kept in a bubble, students assess competing worldviews, philosophies, and critiques of the Christian faith, while also examining the historic roots of Christianity and the Church’s contribution to the development of Western Civilization in particular and society as a whole. Through engaging a curriculum that pastors have called every bit as rigorous as their seminary courses, students emerge as skilled biblical scholars capable of reaching out to a fallen world with confidence and grace.

Your Role in Partnering with PVCP

To answer the societal need for an education rooted in a biblical ethic, PVCP has launched the Steadfast campaign. We are seeking ministry partners like you who desire to invest in the next generation of Christian leaders, ensuring that students are equipped to engage the spiritual and philosophical questions society is asking. The goal of Steadfast is to cultivate 100 sustained giving partners at $100 or more per month, but any amount that you can commit will bring us closer to this goal. Will you help PVCP demonstrate that Christianity is as relevant now as ever to meet humanity’s needs by making your sustaining pledge today?