PVCP Serve-a-Thon: Project SHINE

How do I fulfill my donation pledge?

Simply click the button below to fulfill your SHINE donation pledge. Be sure to enter the name(s) of the specific student(s) you are sponsoring on the donation page.

Important Dates

10/11-12 – Project SHINE kickoff at Scottsdale Bible Church Cactus Campus at 10:20 a.m. Lower school is on Oct. 11, and Middle and Upper School is on Oct. 12. Parents are welcome to join us. Info sheets and address request forms will be sent home with parents this day.

10/19 – Address request forms are due back to your student’s homeroom with contact info of those from whom your student will solicit donations. Students who bring eight addresses get extra credit points!

10/22-23 – Students complete their mailings in class with addresses provided by parents.

10/22-November –  Students serve on a day and at a location chosen by their class from 8:15 – Noon. You may serve with your student!

11/27 – All money is due in order to count towards class and individual challenges

What is Project SHINE?

Project SHINE is not only an opportunity for students to learn the value of serving others, but it is also one of Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory’s biggest fundraisers, providing funds for mission trips, families in need, expanding programs, and keeping tuition as low as possible. We’ve all been asked to sponsor students at other schools doing walk-a-thons or jog-a-thons. While PVCP traditionally held a walk-a-thon to raise funds, several years ago some astute parents wondered why our students were not doing something more purposeful with their time, like serving others. Hence, Project SHINE was born. The Project SHINE fundraising goal is $50,000.

SHINE stands for “Serving Him in Neighborhoods Everywhere” and references PVCP’s desire that our students go into the community as the hands and feet of Jesus. Countless non-profit organizations and individuals have been blessed beyond measure by our students desire to serve and their sacrificial work ethic.

How does it work?

Each class will spend a half day of school serving in the community between October and November. This year’s opportunities include cleaning graffiti in Phoenix, painting homes with Barrio Nuevo, and serving at Feed my Starving Children and many other ministries. Ahead of the service days, students will ask friends, family, neighbors, and even businesses to sponsor their service effort in the form of tax-deductible donations to PVCP. Parents will send completed address sheets with the students to school by the date indicated below, and students will complete donation request letters in class to mail. We will also provide an e-mail content with a link for donations that your student can send directly to friends and families.

What is my role?

You can support your child and PVCP not only by encouraging them to be proactive throughout the process, but by providing them names and contact information of friends, family, and neighbors who they can ask to support their efforts in Project SHINE. Remember, all donations are tax-deductible, so even if someone does not have a personal connection to PVCP, there is still an incentive to give. Students will receive their customized Project SHINE support brochures in October.

Follow the links below to download additional student mailers or to a copy of the SHINE Info Sheet.

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