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Mr. Nadolny

Dean of Academics MS/US Science and Performing Arts

Mrs. Scrivo

MS English/Math

Mrs. Miller

MS English/History

Mr. Astemborski

MS/US Math, MS Bible, ELL, Freshman Seminar

Dr. Allen

US Physics, MS/US Math

Mr. Day

MS/US Bible

Mrs. Hook

US English

Mrs. Van Dam

US English

Mrs. Kleppe

MS English, Sr. Thesis Prep, US Ensemble

Mr. Lalonde

MS/US History

Mr. Nyhart

US History/Bible

Mr. Mays

Art, MS Boys PE,  US PE

Señora Wolfchief

MS/US Spanish


Technology, MS Math, US Economics

Ms. Levene

College and Career

Ms. Wilson

MS Girls PE

Msr. Franzkowiak

Library Media



Paradise Valley
Christian Preparatory
11875 N. 24th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85028
f: 602-992-8152
p: 602-992-8140

Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or handicap in application, admission, participation, access, or treatment of persons in instructional or employment programs and activities.