PVCP Faculty

Mrs. Van Dam

US English

Dr. Klumpenhower

US English, Sr. Thesis

Mr. Nyhart

US History/Bible

Mr. Lalonde

US History/PE

Mr. Haarer

MS/US Bible

Mr. Astemborski

MS Bible/Science, Electives

Mrs. Ramirez

MS English

Mrs. Chelpka

MS Math/Science

Mrs. Bell

MS/US Math

Ms. Holmes

MS Math

Mr. Wyman

MS Bible/History

Miss Hartley

MS English/History

Mr. Nadolny

MS English, Performing Arts

Mr. Mays

Art, Electives

Mrs. Cline

MS/US Choir

Señora Holstlaw

MS/US Spanish

Miss Cline

Technology, MS Math

Ms. Levene

College and Career

Mrs. Cornelius

College and Career

Mrs. Franzkowiak

Library Media