Middle School: Grades 6-8

From Students to Scholars

Middle School

During their middle school years, students at PVCP transition from the lower school learning environment and prepare for their upper school experience. Math studies are based on placement, with a majority of students performing above grade level. Students begin to explore The Great Books in language arts classes and are increasingly challenged to think critically and analyze historical works, preparing them to thrive in their upper school experience at PVCP.

Furthermore, students in middle school learn advanced study skills, research methods, and long-term time management for large projects. These skills are crucial to success not just in upper school, but also in college and professional life.

From Children to Individuals

Academics are not the only changes students face in grades six through eight. PVCP’s emphasis on spiritual mentoring works with parents to guide young minds toward individuality and a larger view of the world. Bible courses transition from a story-based curriculum to exploring the Bible as a cohesive and authoritative narrative of God’s redemption of mankind. Eighth graders make their first foray into apologetics, assessing the evidence of the Christian faith and exploring competing worldviews such as Deism, existentialism, and naturalism. This opening of the mind prepares them to be strong Christian thinkers and influencers in the years to come. Through this process, students embrace Christianity not because it is the faith of their parents, but because of a desire for a personal relationship with the living God.

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How does middle school prepare my student for upper school at PVCP?

The humanities-based education at PVCP culminates in grades nine through twelve with classes focused on the reading and discussion of many of the great works of Western Civilization. These writings include the fields of language, history, art, poetry, philosophy, religion, economics, and government. While any capable student could enter into these classes without prerequisite training, the experience is vastly enhanced by the study of Latin, analyzation of Great Books, and examination of deep theological issues and competing worldviews during grades six through eight. Mastery of these early topics will enhance the depth of understanding and prepare students to thrive in upper school at PVCP.

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